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Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson tweets unconvincing non-denial of involvement in #CruzSexScandal
Katrina Pierson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Trump spox Katrina Pierson calls National Enquirer's Cruz affair allegations tabloid 'trash'
Cruz Spox to Trump Spox: How Are You Not 'Embarrassed' by Your Boss' Behavior?
The Hill (blog)
Dallas Morning News (blog)
#CruzSexScandal: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Sparks Fly When Cruz Comms Director Confronts Trump Spokeswoman: You Should be Embarrassed
Trump Spox Defends Boss' Tweet In Heated Debate With Cruz Spox
Trump, Not Cruz, Escalated 'Wife Fight'
The Hayride
Trump Spokeswoman Gloats About Not Being Able to Spell
Trump Spokeswoman Katrina Pierson Stunned CNN's Jake Tapper by Vigorously Defending Ignorance of American ...
Katrina Pierson: Trump Protesters Are Anarchists
Trump spokesperson: Rally violence is 'American people having a head-on collision with the truth'
Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson stuns CNN's Jake Tapper by vigorously defending ignorance of American culture
Trump Spox Dismisses History of Sexist Comments: Those Were 'Made As a Television Character'
CNN's Jake Tapper Shuts Down Trump Spokeswoman's Claim That President Obama Also Uses Violent Language
Donald Trump's comments on women were made as 'television character': Spokeswoman
Washington Post
The Inquisitr
Trump spokeswoman warns of terrorist 'hot spots' in America
Katrina Pierson, Trump spox, defends banning press access to those 'doing constant hit pieces'
Trump Spox On Banning Reporters: Some Are Writing 'Constant Hit Pieces'
'You Understand That There's a First Amendment… Right?'
Trump Spox Defends Denying Entry to Reporters: 'Glorified Bloggers' Trying to Start Trouble
NewsHounds (blog)
Accuracy In Media (blog)
BizPac Review
Katrina Pierson vs. Anti-Trump PAC's Tim Miller: Romney Lost To The Guy Who Lost To Obama
#NeverTrump University: Putting Donald on defense
Donald Trump Will Never Fire Katrina Pierson: Five of the Craziest Things She Said on the Campaign Trail


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Katrina Pierson news abridgment news