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Ted Cruz blames Donald Trump for 'Enquirer' affairs story
Ted Cruz's sex rumors: Of all the reasons Cruz shouldn't be president, infidelity alone shouldn't be one of them
Ted Cruz Sex Scandal: Voters Mock Ted's Alleged Affairs With Hilarious Memes — See Pics
Ted Cruz rejects National Enquirer story as 'garbage' – campaign live
Washington Post (blog)
New York Magazine
Arguments Get Personal Between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz
This is Ted Cruz's last stand: Why the Wisconsin primary could be his final chance
Ted Cruz earning grudging media respect, but is it too late?
Ted Cruz to Donald Trump: "Leave Heidi the Hell Alone"
The Guardian
Washington Post
Ted Cruz Reveals The 'Religious Liberty' Plan His Hate Group Buddies Came Up With
Taking Note | Ted Cruz's Terrifying Approach to 'Religious Liberty'
Ted Cruz Will Roll Back Access to Contraception if Elected
Why I believe Ted Cruz is religious liberty's only hope
Right Wing Watch
Cruz on Trump's attacks on his wife: 'Leave Heidi the hell alone'
Ted Cruz's outrageous idea to "patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods," explained
Ted Cruz asked me to educate him about Muslims. Now I know he learned nothing
Lindsey Graham Is Shown Footage of Himself Bashing Ted Cruz, Erupts Into Giggles
Slate Magazine (blog)
Washington Post (blog)
Ted Cruz campaign's anti-Muslim propagandists called 'terrifying'
Washington Examiner: Ted Cruz Pushed to Dramatically Expand Muslim Migration in 2013
Ted Cruz on 'Sex Scandal': 'Complete & Utter Lies'
National Enquirer: Ted Cruz Has Had at Least 5 Extramarital Affairs
You bet I'd trust Ted Cruz with foreign policy, says … John McCain An error occurred.
John McCain warms to Ted Cruz
Alleged Ted Cruz Sex Scandal Had the Internet's Cruz Detractors Buzzing
Neo-Nazi Trump supporter calls for execution of Ted Cruz's 'sl*t wife' over links to 'Jew banksters'
'Daily Show': Ted Cruz Is 'A Sanctimonious Jacka**' About Brussels (VIDEO)
Trevor Noah to Ted Cruz: “You're a sanctimonious jackass”


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Ted Cruz news abridgment news