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Nancy Kerrigan has very little to say about 'I, Tonya'
Nancy Kerrigan hasn't watched 'I, Tonya' and has 'nothing' to say about it
Nancy Kerrigan Says She Hasn't Seen I, Tonya: 'I've Been Busy'
Dan Shaughnessy asked Nancy Kerrigan about 'I, Tonya.' Here's what she said.
Entertainment Tonight
New York Post
ABC News
New York Times
Tonya Harding Would Like Her Apology Now
I Wonder What Nancy Kerrigan Is Up To
Tonya Harding Almost Ends TV Interview After Host Says Nancy Kerrigan Was the Real Victim
Tonya Harding says she was scared after infamous 1994 baton attack on Nancy Kerrigan
WCVB Boston
Washington Post
ABC News
Nancy Kerrigan going for TV gold on ABC
The Bachelor Winter Games cast, premiere date revealed
'The Bachelor Winter Games': Familiar Faces Lead International Cast
'As crazy as it was': Reporters recall the Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding feeding frenzy
Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan: The shocking true-crime story behind 'I, Tonya'
Jeff Gillooly: Where Is Tonya Harding's Ex-Husband Now?
This day in history — Jan. 6
10,000 Couples
Nancy Kerrigan Signs Off on Olivia Munn's 'I, Tonya' Parody at Critics' Choice Awards
Fresh off the Boat nabs guest appearances from Nancy Kerrigan, Tig Notaro, more
'She can play me anytime': Nancy Kerrigan tweets her approval after Critics Choice host Olivia Munn stars in spoof ...
Detroit relives the Nancy Kerrigan attack with its role in 'I, Tonya'
Seldom Seen Footage Shows Nancy Kerrigan Just Before Notorious Attack, Desperate Hunt for Her Assailant
Tonya Harding now says she knew 'something was up' before attack on rival Nancy Kerrigan
How The Tonya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan Spectacle Changed Media Forever
Hollywood Reporter
Hollywood Reporter
Tonya Harding says she 'knew something was up' before infamous 1994 baton attack on Nancy Kerrigan
Tonya Harding: 'I Knew That Something Was Up' Before Nancy Kerrigan Was Attacked
Tonya Harding: I knew 'something was up' before Nancy Kerrigan attack
Tonya Harding admits she 'knew' about Nancy Kerrigan attack
The Boston Globe
Former Detroit prosecutors, feds suspected Harding knew about attack


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Nancy Kerrigan news abridgment news