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Rex Tillerson Out as Trump's Secretary of State, Replaced by Mike Pompeo
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ousted in favor of CIA chief, Trump announces
Trump fires Tillerson, taps Pompeo as next secretary of state
Trump sacks Tillerson as secretary of state
Wall Street Journal
CBS News
Tillerson goes farther than White House, condemns Russia for UK nerve agent attack
Just before ouster, Rex Tillerson diverged from White House by saying poison used on an ex-spy in the UK 'came from ...
Rex Tillerson Warns That The Poisoning of a Former Russian Spy in Britain Will 'Trigger a Response'
Nerve agent attack 'clearly came from Russia', says Tillerson
The Independent
Evening Standard
Trump: Rex Tillerson out as secretary of state, to be replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo
Opinion: Tillerson should not focus only on security during Africa trip
Donald Trump fires Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
A look at Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
Rex Tillerson cancels day's events in Kenya over illness - CNNPolitics
US's Tillerson 'not feeling well', cancels activities in Kenya
Rex Tillerson cancels day's events in Africa after falling ill
Rex Tillerson Is Feeling Sick after Working on North Korea, Cancels Scheduled Events in Kenya
BBC News
Daily Beast
Rex Tillerson to help Nigerian govt get abducted girls freed
Rex Tillerson leaving the White House is a disappointment: Charles Schwab
Trump says he will replace Tillerson with Pompeo as secretary of state
How Did Rex Tillerson Manage to Keep His Job?
Democrats Demand Rex Tillerson Explain Why He's Not Spending Money to Stop Russian Meddling
Rex Tillerson: 'Talks' With North Korea, But No 'Negotiations'
Tillerson says "We are a long ways from negotiations" with North Korea
Rex Tillerson said talking to Kim Jong Un wouldn't be 'realistic' or prudent yet. Hours later, Trump said he'd do it.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Trump decided to talk to Kim Jong Un on his own
Washington Examiner
Tillerson set for fence-mending mission to Africa
Rex Tillerson slams China's relationship with Africa
Tillerson aims to show US cares despite Trump's Africa slur
Tillerson Faces a Tall Order in Africa


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Rex Tillerson cancels day's events in Kenya over illness - CNNPolitics
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Rex Tillerson news abridgment news