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Rampage Review: Dwayne Johnson Can't Save Everything
'Rampage' Review: Can Dwayne Johnson Save Chicago From Raging Monsters? Do You Have To Ask?
Film Review: 'Rampage'
Review: Rampage Has Dwayne Johnson. But That's Not Enough to Save It
Yahoo Finance
Don't even think about it: 'Rampage' is over-the-top fun (mostly)
'Rampage' Used Real Apes for Its Score
Rampage – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Available April 13
Rampage is laughably dumb, but at least there's plenty of rampaging
Rampage Review - IGN
Rampage Review: Incredibly Dumb and Not Much Fun
Review: 'Rampage' Turns to Rubble, Even Before the Mutant Animals Show Up
A giant gorilla and a winged wolf: Does 'Rampage' get the science of CRISPR right?
Identity crisis: Gory 'Rampage' wants to be taken seriously, forgets to be fun
'Rampage' makes giant mutant gorilla, wolf and crocodile look stupid
Review: Chicago Takes a Beating in Entertaining, Pointless Rampage
Rampage' Delivers Kaiju-Style Monsters
Review: RAMPAGE Delivers The Monster Mayhem We Deserve
'Rampage': Video game monster movie is cheesy one-note fun
Movie review: Mutant animals run amok in rip-roaring 'Rampage'


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Rampage news abridgment news