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California Election Results
Democrats gain control of House, as Trump calls night "tremendous success" — live election updates
Election results: Several races undecided as GOP keeps Senate and Democrats take House
US midterms 2018live results
Associated Press News - Politics
Election results 2018: The latest results for the California midterm races and propositions
See live local election results for the Sacramento region from November 6 election
LIVE: Results for the 2018 California general election
Live California statewide election results for the Nov. 6 election
California election results: Who's in the lead?
Live election results, Bay Area and California
Election 2018: California Midterm Election Results
2018 MIDTERM RESULTS: Here's what you missed on Election Night
California Proposition results: Voters reject gas-tax repeal, defeat Prop. 6
California, Los Angeles 2018 election results
California's gas tax increase is here to stay
California Props. 5, 8, 11, 12: Chickens uncaged, dialysis profits uncapped
CBS Los Angeles
California Election Results: 13th House District
Newsom wins, Feinstein stays: Here are the latest election results in state, local races
California midterm elections results: Who won midterm elections in California?
Democrats take House, Newsom elected governor, Feinstein re-elected to fifth full term
Feinstein Defeats de Leon In California's Battle Of Liberals
California ballot measures: Election results
Election results, Alameda County
California's Close Election Results Will Roll In Days Or Weeks Late—Again. It Doesn't Have To Be That Way.
Results in a While: California Will Be Slow to Tabulate Ballots and Decide Close Contests; Here's Why
A look at California election results
Gavin Newsom to become California's next governor
Gavin Newsom projected to defeat John Cox to become California governor
LIVE BLOG: California Election Day results
Ventura County Star
The Desert Sun
Associated Press News - Politics


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California Election Results news abridgment news