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'Love gave me no love': President Trump slams Utah Rep. Mia Love in post-election news conference, says she lost
Trump says Mia Love already lost race because she 'gave me no love ... too bad'
President Trump says 'Mia Love gave me no love and she lost', race not yet called
Who is Mia Love? Donald Trump Mocks Republican Who Gave Him 'No Love' And Lost Midterm Election
Daily Herald
GOP Rep. Mia Love Trails Ben McAdams, but Race Undecided
GOP Rep. Mia Love behind Ben McAdams, but race undecided
Mia Love vs Ben McAdams headlines Utah election
Democrat Ben McAdams leads GOP Rep. Love, but race still tossup
Elections - Utah .gov
Ben McAdams leads Mia Love, but says it may take days of ballot counting to call winner
Trump: Mia Love Is Trailing, but AP Hasn't Called the Race
McAdams leads Love in tight battle for 4th District seat
Ben McAdams leads Mia Love in close race for Congressional District 4
Trump attacks members of his own party and shouts at CNN's Jim Acosta in wild press conference
Combative Trump brawls with media and slams his own party
The 7 Most Dumbfounding Moments from Trump's Post-Election Press Conference
Ben McAdams gains early lead over incumbent Mia Love
The Latest: President Trump says Mia Love 'gave me no love'
Trump hails Senate gains as his 'big win;' mocks Norwalk native
District Profile: Rep. Mia Love Faces Tough Race In Utah's 4th District
Mia Love discusses her bid for Utah's 4th District a day before Election Day
Mitt Romney, Mia Love and marijuana headline Utah election
2018 Midterm Elections | Here & Now - WBUR
Mitt Romney, Rep. Mia Love and marijuana headline Utah election
Salt Lake County gives Ben McAdams early lead in his race with Mia Love, but results are yet to come from heavily ...
Midterm madness: The polls closed three hours ago and voters in Provo are still in line


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Mia Love news abridgment news