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Dan Crenshaw says Pete Davidson's SNL dig 'probably helped' him win
Dan Crenshaw addresses Pete Davidson's panned 'SNL' joke during victory speech
Dan Crenshaw Takes Swipe At 'SNL' In Victory Speech After Winning House Seat
Dan Crenshaw Jabbed 'SNL,' Pete Davidson in Victory Speech
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Congressman-elect targeted in SNL joke urges civility in politics
After SNL mocks his war injury, Texas congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw says he tries hard "not to be offended"
SNL's Pete Davidson hasn't apologized for mocking a GOP candidate who lost an eye in war
Republican Candidate Dan Crenshaw Responds To 'SNL' Mockery
'Their Apology Won't Mean Anything to Me.' GOP Candidate Dan Crenshaw Responds to Pete Davidson Making Fun of ...
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Dan Crenshaw
Dan Crenshaw supporters waiting for election results
Dan Crenshaw calls on SNL to donate $1 million to veterans after Pete Davidson joke
Dan Crenshaw responds to 'SNL' mockery
Sean Hannity Rips 'SNL' For Dan Crenshaw Joke: 'All of You Can Go to Hell'
SNL's Pete Davidson mocks Dan Crenshaw's combat wound.
Pete Davidson 'improvised his "whatever" comment at the end of controversial Dan Crenshaw joke but the rest was ...
Hannity: 'Saturday Night Live' can go 'straight to hell' for mocking disabled GOP war veteran
Connecting Vets (blog)
'SNL' star Pete Davidson slammed for mocking candidate who lost eye in Afghanistan
SNL's Pete Davidson made a tasteless joke about a GOP candidate. House Republicans hit back with an Ariana ...
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SNL host Pete Davidson criticized for mocking Texas Congressional candidate, war hero Dan Crenshaw
Texas Election Results: Second House District


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Dan Crenshaw news abridgment news