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'Putin's favorite congressman' could soon be an ex-congressman
Pro-Russia Dana Rohrabacher set to lose to Harley Rouda in California congressional race
Putin fanboy Dana Rohrabacher has almost certainly lost to a Democrat
Dana Rohrabacher, Putin's Favorite Congressman, on Verge of Losing His Seat to Democrat Harley Rouda
Los Angeles Times
Rolling Stone
Washington Examiner
Two GOP-held House seats in California fall to Democrats, Dana Rohrabacher in peril
GOP on Track to Lose Congressional Seats in SoCal, Including Rep. Dana Rohrabacher's
OC Congressional Races: Democrat Rouda Leads 15-Term Incumbent Rohrabacher
Results in key SoCal congressional races
Long Beach Post
Beaumont Enterprise
'Alt-Right' Fraternizer Dana Rohrabacher Narrowly Loses CA Congressional Race
Dana Rohrabacher, once dubbed 'Putin's favorite congressman,' trying to defend seat
These five California House races could determine the future of Congress
The Election Goes OC: Control Of The House Could Come Down To Orange County
What Drives One Campaign Worker? Just Ask Her.
The Mainichi
Rouda Supporters Hold On To Hopes Of Unseating Republican Incumbent Dana Rohrabacher
GOP lawmaker Dana Rohrabacher says Russia investigation is boosting his reelection campaign
Rohrabacher and Knight in peril as California's hardest fought House races remain too close to call
NYT Poll: Rep. Rohrabacher Tied With Democrat Rouda in 48th District
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Leads 9% over Democrat Harley Rouda in Poll
Filmmaker is “Russian” to Get Your Eyes on His Anti-Rohrabacher Video
Inside the Mind of Dana Rohrabacher, California's Most Divisive Congressman
Rouda v. Rohrabacher + A new GOP leader? + Ex-lawmaker pleads guilty in wife's death


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Dana Rohrabacher news abridgment news